Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The Tenant, 8th novel in The Case Files of Ronald T. Barone series, delves into a dark cruel place that does not represent the best of humanity. The underworld exists in many forms and the team must find a way to help the new tenant and a special young man victimized by depravity.

Monday, September 7, 2015

This summer, in celebration of my 10-year publishing anniversary, I have launched paperback editions of each of my previously published digital eBook titles. eBooks were a great way to begin 10 years ago but there are still many readers who enjoy paperbacks. Along with the new editions, the seventh novel in my detective series is now LIVE (The Family). The original Keen Observation trilogy is also now available in paperback as well as the original eBook format (see "Trilogy" link on the right). I am exploring audio editions. 

While preparing the books for paperbacks, I made a few edits and revisions on each novel. The beauty of writing in a digital age is that we can go back and easily update then put out new editions. I did not change content, just tweaked here and there. For the trilogy I have been able to keep all of the original art that my sister Mylette Welch created, though the new covers have been altered due to new digital publishing tech requirements.
Here’s the link to The Case Files of Ronald T. Barone: The Family. It’s my American version of Downton Abbey:

A word about editing: Mary Pforsich and I have always edited my work as a team. I revise and edit each novel multiple times both on the computer and on paper and Mary takes a stab at them too. Even with all that, little goofy things are missed. When I read my published novels (and I do often to keep my mind in the characters) I sometimes find little typos and shake my head. How could I have missed it? I have spent this summer correcting those “typos” before launching the paperbacks and updated the digital eBooks as well. I suspect a few things slipped by even then.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

"The Tourist" is available now through Amazon, Vol. 6 in 
"The Case Files of Ronald T. Barone." 
[Coming soon--The Family.] 
Please visit the link below!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Case Files of Ronald T. Barone:
Case No. 1256

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